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TOPOLOGY PROCEEDINGS publishes two volumes each year. One of these volumes contains the proceedings of the Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference is published at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, U.S.A. The other volume contains the proceedings of the Summer Conference on General Topology and its Applications and it is published by Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Subscription Price per year: $340 (US), $350 (overseas) see details. The price includes two "paper" volumes/issues (postage is included), yearly access to Electronic Version of Topology Proceedings on this website.

Current Yearly Subscriptions (See details.):
• Volume 52 (2018) (due October 2018); Volume 53 (2019) (due April 2019); Price for 2 volumes: $340 (US), $350 (overseas)
• Volume 50 (2017) (due October 2017); Volume 51 (2018) (due April 2018); Price for 2 volumes: $320 (US), $330 (overseas)
• Volume 48 (2016) (available now); Volume 49 (2017) (available now); Price for 2 volumes: $320 (US), $330 (overseas)
• Volume 46 (2015) (available now); Volume 47 (2016) (available now); Price for 2 volumes: $300 (US), $310 (overseas)
• Volume 44 (2014) (available now); Volume 45 (2015) (available now); Price for 2 volumes: $300 (US), $310 (overseas)

Please use Vol # and year when ordering. Also include your institution IP numbers range (or/and domain name) to enable electronic access from your institution site.

Please send orders to: Beth Fletcher, Technical Editor, Topology Proceedings at Auburn. (The mailing address is listed at the bottom of this page. )
For information about back issues contact Beth Fletcher (email:

If your institution has a current subscription, but no electronic access, please email your institution's IP address range and your institution domain name to For example for Auburn University (Auburn campus) IP range is -, and domain name is If you already have electronic access, it will be automatically renewed with your subscription.
Terms and Conditions of Institutional Subscription
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